The Daunting Project

I call this post “The Daunting Project” because this art project is probably one of the main reasons why I’m blogging and I’m hoping my blog will motivate me to tackle this project.  So what am I talking about?  Well, let me tell you…

The “daunting” art project that I’m referring to is a scenic painting of Fan Tan Alley in Victoria, British Columbia.  Located in Chinatown, it is five feet wide, and is recognized as Canada’s narrowest street!  This popular tourist attraction is a narrow red brick alley containing several shops and restaurants.  If you’ve been here before, it’ll feel like you’ve been transported to Diagon alley from Harry Potter!  Below are some pics of the alley that my parents took a few years ago.





So as you can see, Fan Tan Alley would make an interesting painting, right?  Yes it would, BUT I’m planning to paint Fan Tan Alley on a 48″ x 60″ canvas (yikes)!  Not only will this painting be the biggest canvas that I’ve ever painted to date, but it’ll also be my first architectural/city scene painting!  Now, I’m not too concern that it’ll be my first time painting buildings; that I feel I can handle, although I know I may face some challenges/frustration.  What I’m more wary about is the logistics of the whole thing in terms of how MASSIVE this piece is and HOW I’m going to set up my workspace.  When I paint, I usually set up my workspace in the breakfast nook at the kitchen table- computer, palette, brushes and paints on the table, and floor easel off to the side of the table facing the window.  If you can imagine a 48″ x 60″ canvas, the canvas is too big to fit on an easel.  Yes, I could rest the canvas against a wall, but having enough room to move around and sufficient lighting may be an issue for me.  Another option would be to register to an open art studio, but I don’t feel I would be as productive- it might be something I’ll have to explore though.  Just talking about this project makes me want to avoid it, but anxious to do it!

I’ve been wanting to paint this piece for quite some time now. Each year I’ll be like, “I’m going to paint Fan Tan Alley this year!” and I end up getting cold-feet about it or something else comes up that needs more of a priority.  So this massive blank piece of canvas is just sitting there, in the basement, waiting for me.  So like I said before, I hope this blog will motivate me to at least get me started in painting this piece.


(Not) Surprisingly enough, I’m going to have to put Fan Tan Alley on hold because I’m going to be showcasing my work in an art show in June!  Just when I thought I’d start painting Fan Tan Alley, something else comes up…

Do you have a daunting art project that you’ve been meaning to tackle, but haven’t had a chance to get around to it yet?  Or do you have an art project that you started, but lost motivation along the process?  How do you get yourself motivated when you know there are going to be challenges ahead?  Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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