Record-breaking Moment (for me at least!)

Hi followers! So I thought I’d give you an update on what has been going on lately since I haven’t posted anything for awhile (so sorry!) and well there is a very good reason for it!  Over the two months I had been busy getting ready for my first ever art show and was painting my life away.  I was painting so much that I had broken a record for myself, which is why I’m calling this post “record-breaking moment.”  As an artist, I will confess that I’m a pretty slow painter/drawer.  Like I could spend a good couple of hours painting a 4″ x 4″ area of the canvas!  I’m still trying to experiment ways that I could somehow speed up the process without jeopardizing quality.  Anyways, so about prepping for the art show. I had started working on my paintings about 6 weeks before the show and I had about 5-8 paintings/drawings in mind. So the only way in my mind to get some done was to work on at least 2 paintings at the same time, meaning if I needed a break from one painting, I’d work on the other or while I wait for one painting to dry, I’ll work on the other.  So in the end, I had painted 5 paintings (all various sizes) in 6 weeks!  Personally, I’m pretty proud of myself that I was able to accomplish that 🙂  Here are the paintings that I did:

"A Special Day"

“A Special Day”

"Spring is Here"

“Spring is Here”

"Green Envy"

“Green Envy”



"Wild Thing"

“Wild Thing”

So there were some amazing things that I had learned during this experience, especially about myself, that I want to share with you.  First, I have to say that music is what kept me going.  If you don’t listen to some music while you work on an art project, you should give it a try!  Music was a nice background noise for me.  Sometimes I’ll have a movie playing in the background, but I find what good if it’s playing when you can’t watch it because you are busy concentrating on observing and painting?  So that’s why I usually resort to music.  I also have to add that Adele is probably by far the best artist to listen to while painting/drawing.  I highly recommend her music!

Another thing I highly recommend is getting a massage done after prepping for an art show or after you complete a major art project.  The last two weeks before the show I was suffering from major back aches and a massage was definitely one thing I was looking forward to after the show was done!

Lastly, the thing I had learned from this experience was something about myself.  I will confess that the last two weeks before the show I was having a difficult time where painting for several hours straight was wearing me down mentally and physically.  I will also admit that I did have a little voice telling me that I may not get certain paintings done on time plus had others around me questioning whether I could reach my goals or not.  However, I discovered that I’ve reached a time in my life now where I was confident in my art abilities and knew I was going to get it done one way or another.  I just believed in myself that I was going to get it done.  And the funny thing is is that this is probably the first time that I felt confident in what I was doing and had believed in myself without a doubt. Even though I did have that little voice in the back of my mind, I just kept telling myself that I can do this!  I’ve always heard people say “You can accomplish anything if you believe in yourself” and never really believed in that saying until now and I have to say it feels great!  Now if only I can apply it to all my other self-doubts that I experience everyday, I would be golden 🙂

Have you experienced a record-breaking moment?  Do you consider yourself a fast or slow painter/drawer? How do you motivate yourself when the going gets tough? Let me know by leaving a comment below 🙂


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