Sonia Seto is a biologist who enjoys venturing into her creative side.  As a self-taught artist and photographer, Sonia strives to capture the beauty in everything, especially what nature has to offer.  She works primarily in acrylic paint and graphite pencil, but likes to explore other mediums such as watercolour, coloured pencils and digital painting.  What was once an “occasional” hobby used to capture reference photos for her artwork, her love of photography has grown over recent years.  Creating art through paintings/illustrations and photos is a therapeutic process for Sonia and hopes her viewers are inspired to find beauty when looking at her work.

Not only is this blog intended to document Sonia’s creative journey and thought-process, it will also be used as a resource for other “self-taught/beginner/hobby” artists who are struggling with their “creative journey” as she shares her tips/tricks and experiences as a self-taught artist.

For someone who loves both art and science, the image below describes Sonia in a nutshell.


(Illustration credited to Rosemary Mosco, birdandmoon.com)

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